Tuesday municipality units introduced

Tuesday Qazvin Municipality 1374 Hijri in Qazvin city aims to provide welfare services to urban residents was established and launched. Tuesday municipality with an area of 1300 hectares has cover.
During these years the municipality attempted to provide services in the city has rules and regulations based on national activity under city council shall direct. Now also in the municipality services in maintaining and expanding the city laws and regulations on urban planning and design will be presented Tuesday Qazvin Municipality of total staff in 89 years, 116 people in the municipal budget and the civil service units - Office - Urban 000/071/436 000/455/473 RLS and RLS are income units.
One of the areas of construction units operating in the area and Urban areas are responsible for licensing, Payankar, and official documents counterfoil inquiries offices, banks and ... Is responsible.
Regional municipalities and other units are as follows: Tuesday.
1 - Unit management
2 - Unit and administrative personnel
3 - Public Relations Unit
4 - Finance Unit
5 - Protective Unit
6 - Unit Property
7 - Legal Unit
8 - Unit came in and Renovation
9 - Urban Studies Unit
10 - unit development
11 - Unit Ajrayyat
12 - Branch County
13 - Unit PC site