Director speak Tuesday Qazvin Municipality

First letter ...
God Shakrym the prosperity and the Sheriff s single cad of service to people and hopefully the opportunity to finally gained much interest in the poor slaves and be successful.
Of the important issues raised in urban studies Hzvh global relationship of civil rights and urban management. If Syastgztry urban management, planning, organization and supervision of city affairs to know when this process led to public interest and urban management will Shhrvnan highest participation in the decision itself show that participation contributed to the sensational the link connecting the city and the urban management system and the system will citizenship rights.
If we can credit to, the arrowhead utilities serving the people heart and urban management can be seen, the process in front of us three basic things that a city with a management plan should seriously Vmthdanh field is three stages of this transition:
1. Routines and trying to meet the basic needs of citizens
2. Mndanh attempt to satisfy concerns of citizens
3. Creative effort to promote citizen expectations
We demand the respect of citizens with suggestions, constructive criticism and guidance by their own servants in order to make better-Abad city, beautiful and green, please help.
Ganji, Nasser
Tuesday Qazvin Municipality Management