Administration - personnel
Banzart Vrsydgy personnel on a wide range of tasks, responsible for important issues such as preparing job descriptions of different occupations, Nzmbkhshydn personnel records, employment orders, regulations and practices and implemented employment regulations, Antzabat, the annual increase, promotion, and you turn and leave .... Is

Administrative and personnel

Responsible for administrative and personnel
Responsible for administrative and personnel matters under the regional director shall perform duties
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Prepare the monthly list of personnel working area and police personnel
Prepare monthly statistics (resources - human resources)
Orders and personnel, including retirement and buy back ....
Ablaghhay issuing internal personnel - personnel issue settlement
Supervising the work units subsets (Secretariat, archives)
Register and leave and to update hourly and daily missions
Personnel under the administrative responsibility and duty personnel shall
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Control entry and exit through the sheet and the related time card machine
Implementation of paid vacation, sick, without pay and hours
Personnel records filing
Personnel contracts
Personal orders
Sdvrkardks annual leave
Monthly planning personnel working for pay monthly
Administrative affairs related to staff insurance (social security supplemental
Coordination and welfare affairs
Ablaghhay pursue domestic and export settlement personnel
Set of monthly statistics
Responsible for filing
Responsible for filing under the administrative responsibility and duty personnel shall
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Monitoring work performance Kenan archives
Controlling the incoming letters and inquiries for placement in the archive file
Delivery and monitoring of cases found in different parts
The code file consists of determining the relevant parts
Drafting letters and filing and inquiries
Recorded in the incoming e-filing system, computer
Registered letters and files in archives offices
Ordering All records sent to the archives
Taking delivery of records and letters issued by the Secretariat and the number of cases
Chartulary responsible for filing under the duty shall
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Register records into the computerized filing system
Edited files into the archive of e
Search records on computer and office filing systems
Leaf number and numbered records into the archives
E handling of files into the archive and their classification based on coding
All papers into the archives to make the move and make their filing in the relevant records
Zvnkn replacement of worn and behind writing files and e is Zvnkn
Secretariat responsible
Secretariat under the responsible charge of administrative and personnel functions to
Description of responsibilities and powers:
State registration and control of distribution and separation of incoming letters to the Mayor and referred to the relevant circles
Control and correction issued letters of written procedures
Maintaining all documents and papers and records relevant administrative units
Continuous monitoring Hassan executive office affairs and how entry and exit correspondence
Referral records and files issued to departments concerned and archives
Implementing administrative and prepare draft reports and provide the necessary statistics
Implementation of the draft and typed letters
Delivery of letters issued to customers
Separation of incoming and outgoing letters and copies of letters sent to relevant units
Postman duty under the charge of the Secretariat shall
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Send all letters issued by both private and common
Archives incoming and outgoing mails
Send CC action letters issued to units Manufacturer
Motesadi Amvrdftry Secretariat
Motesadi Secretariat office under the State Secretariat in charge of duty shall
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Typed letters
Make up letters
Referral letters by Otto Masyvn relevant administrative units
Print mail
Scan incoming e-administrative system Masyvn Otto
Provide monthly statistics
Registered mail in offices
Responsible for public services
Responsible for regional public services under task manager shall
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Supervising the work of service workers
Supervising Agency drivers work
Making services work forces and monitor their work
Building and maintaining monitoring facilities district
Demand for equipment to make goods and service unit
Supervisory control of electric lighting and heating and water pipes Vkvlr
Supervising the construction area doing cleaning and maintenance of green space
Supervising the work Tlfnkhanh operator
Coordination and cooperation with the supplier for shipping and handling operations, destruction, repair and renovation
Service workers
Worker services under the direct responsibility of public service duty shall
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Washing and cleaning the whole building
Tea preparation and its distribution among the parts
Deliver oral and written instructions and messages to other units
Player to make and get copies of internal e-mail
Moved to make room equipment
Slogans and yard lights installed during the mourning and celebration
Cooperation in matters of welfare and servicing
Audience reception meetings
Duties performed by the responsible services in the area of responsibility descriptions
Telephone operator under the direct responsibility of public service shall Anjamvzyfh
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Linking between internal lines and the urban area
To answer telephone and local urban
Maintenance of the system amplifier and information area
Central storage device