three Duties municipality

Article 55 municipal laws
1. Create Vkvchh streets and fields and public gardens and Hungarian water passages about law and development topic.
2. Bandages and holding and leveling and Rivers in public places and water and sewerage and Hungarian Qnvat enema supply water to the city and the lighting equipment might.
Note 1 - Dam and occupation of public pathways and pavements and their unauthorized use of field and public parks and gardens for business or residence or any other subject is prohibited and the municipality is obliged to prevent and eliminate barriers and free making passages and places mentioned above by their officials to take action itself appointed by the stalls before the enactment of this Act the municipality is obliged to remove them if the owners of such action and claim damages kiosks have provided the Commission with comments than in Article 77 They will attempt to offset losses, but those who take action after the enactment of this Act to install kiosks in public places to Meli municipality is bound by itself and its agents in the removal of such kiosks, and removing the dam crossing the said right of individuals to act will not claim any compensation found.
Note 2 - construction and manufacturing and distribution facilities and determining the rate in cities and until the Ministry of Water and Power has not provided the force with the previous agreement the Ministry of Water and Power is a municipal responsibility.
Note 3 - charities that supply water to cities before the enactment of this Act and the operations they are responsible have been approved by the municipality and the Interior Ministry is a place they can still continue their use.
Urban water supply and provision of liquor distribution and regulation equipment to the determination of water rates in the cities except for cases where the Ministry of Water and Power affiliated organizations are charged with the approval of the City Council will assume responsibility for such municipality may with the approval of the municipalities Interior Ministry and the City Council approved water supply and distribution of liquor to the principles of health institutions that act to transfer.
Note 4 - the municipality is obliged to special places for discharged waste and garbage and construction waste and sewage sediments and so determine and publish the advertisement to inform the public transparency. Discharging waste sites must be out of range and location Shhrtyyn established fertilizer plants to convert waste to municipalities will be diagnosed. Drivers of vehicles ranging from motor tardy or Mklfnd them only in places designated by the municipality must empty punish violators under Article 276 of the Penal Code is determined by the public. In case of violation than any time in the offending driver's license expired and if within one year, three times to commit the same offense a third time and sentenced to the maximum penalty against her license for one year are recorded at the same time will be prohibited from driving. Violations shall be addressed in District Court. Violators of the provisions of Clause 4 to pay 500 to 5000 rials are sentenced to fines.
3. Complete care and effort in installing sheet prices on goods and enforcement decisions to the Community Food and frequency of cheap materials and the general need to prevent the corrupt sale of goods and make them extinct.
4. Amo Hdary care in vaccination and vaccine for prevention of diseases etc. Saryh.
5. Avoid having a beggar and beggars make use and develop public education and so on.
6. Clause 1 Article 8 of law enforcement training and the mandatory establishment of cultural institutions such as cooperatives and health of mothers and firm support Nvan home and clinic and hospital and orphanage and madhouse nursery and library and kindergarten classes and combat illiteracy and so children and gardens around Approved credit and to help such institutions and financial assistance to the Physical Education Association and the vanguard and to help home and school associations and municipal labor camp in such cases and also in museums and cultural houses and prisons with the approval of the City Council of land and buildings belonging to maintain their property free of charge or with the specific conditions in order to use the building and will provide relevant institutions.
Note 1 - Article 5 of Law taking control in municipal revenue quota of Culture approved the remains 34/3/28.
Note 2 - Note: Article 59 of total 1339 budget year, the country remains.
7. Preservation and management of movable and immovable assets Aqamh lawsuit over the city and people and to defend claims against the municipal entities.
8. Estimated budget and budget amendments and revising the budget and municipal budgets and planning Tfrygh proposed building plan and its implementation after the approval of the City Council, a copy of the approved budget and construction program by means of the governor or prefect will be send to the Interior Ministry.
9. Municipal transactions including buying and selling movable and immovable property and lease and Astjarh contractor and the City Council after the approval of compliance with Standards and Regulations Salah and letter of financial savings predicted in the municipal law.
10. Donations and donations and gifts accepted with the approval of the city called the City Council. Paid by donations to charities municipality or the Ministry of Finance acceptable cost component will be accepted and donors to pledge donor which is exempt from income tax is.
11. Monitoring the health care and Weights and Measures.
12. Preparing statistics about births and deaths, and city affairs.
13. Ghsalkhanh create and cemeteries, and preparing vehicles underworld and discipline matters in their care.
14. Adopt effective measures and actions necessary to protect the city from flood and fire risk and also eliminate the risk of dangerous buildings and broken walls in the public streets and alleys, and public housing and public and private Dalanhay and filling, and cover wells and pits located in the passages and avoid putting any objects on the balcony overlooking Ayvanhay and adjacent to public pathways and that they risk falling for pedestrians and prevent Dvdkshhay Gutters and buildings that cause trouble and damage is urban residents.
Note - In Klyh items related to buildings and so eliminate the risk of harassment and elimination of the above article contained in the municipality of business owners consider their technical officers or owners of premises or equipment owners appoint fit having served notice to be issued and if the municipality in order given timely notice is not implemented, the municipality itself with the care of his agents attempted to eliminate the risk or inconvenience and cost involved will Azafh to fifteen percentage will receive the compensation.
These regulations include Klyh public places such as cinemas and bath, the saloon, the Dkakyn, coffee houses, restaurants, and the like passages that place of movement and is also the general Mrajh.
15. Saryh prevent the spread of human and animal diseases and diseases such as Ministry of Health said, and veterinary and adjacent municipalities when they update and keep away Saryh patients with diseases and treatment and disposal of animals that were suffering from diseases or in Saryh Blasahb and are harmful.
16. Preparing the proposed regulations and the trade community and city affairs, health care unions in the eyes! Vpyshh.
17. Proposed reform on the city map if necessary and determine the price Adeleh land and buildings belonging to individuals that is needed by law the city streets and providing local development and the creation and development of the paid places and public streets and fields and gardens and preparing land piping and sewer needs, whether inside or outside the city and preparing the land required for reservoir construction and installation of filtration devices and accessories and Water Development Act places on them.
18. Preparation and determination of general fields Arzaq and stop buying and selling vehicles and so on.
19. Preparing regulations for frequency and excellence and good meat and bread Adarh city and its implementation after the approval of the City Council.
20. Klyh prevent the creation and establishment of places of ways such a manner that causes inconvenience to residents or sanitation in the cities oppose. Establishment of the municipality is required factories, workshops, public garages and repair centers and shops and also make igneous materials and the cattle stalls and livestock centers and general business and all business which interferes with the production and Srvsdaknd or smoke or infection or assembly to prevent insects and animals and the destruction of the brick kiln and lime plaster Khzynh grill and public bathhouse to take action that is opposed to health and surveillance in the situation Dvdkshhay factories and premises and work vehicles that they smoke the contaminated air will prevent the city and when the above mentioned facilities before passage of this law is caused them to shut down and if need be they will move to the city Kharch.
Note - on shut down and destroyed the municipality and the transfer is required Bkharj far from the city, while giving proper notice to the owners to convey their opinion and if property owners are protesting the municipality must within ten days to protest the commission, composed of three individuals from Town Council will be chosen to lodge a vote of the Commission is final and binding.
Whenever the Commission vote upon the approval or opinion is the municipality owns the property at the time did not protest or the municipality does not act personally deadline Bvsylh their agents will act itself.
21. Constructed buildings and buildings where required, such as laundry and toilet and bath and public slaughterhouses and stadium fields and gardens as children and health principles and technical measures for M Laz building affordable homes for poor people in urban areas.
22. Or culture of collaboration in preserving ancient monuments and works of the city and public buildings and mosques and so on.
23. Observe appropriate hygiene conditions in factories and bathroom cleanliness and care in keeping children destitute and previa.
24. Klyh licensing for buildings in the city is.
Note - in the cities municipal comprehensive map prepared by the city map is required under the terms specified in the butterfly type of building construction to the constraint. If the content unlike Prvanh noncommercial building area or place of business is business or established business in the City Commission about a matter prescribed in Clause 100 of this Act and the Commission shall be considered in violation if the owner or tenant office determined deadlines with the appropriate should not exceed two months on holiday or business location or business experiences a decision within one month makes.
Bvsylh this decision be implemented on municipal officials who shall place Alma after business closed for business or to use trade to imprisonment for misdemeanors of six months to two years and fines of five thousand to ten thousand rials a Season will be sentenced and where the business is closed again.
Established practice and law office and notary and marriage and divorce and Dftrrvznamh and Engineering Journal office by the owner of this Act is not considered commercial use.
25. To make streets and asphalt roadway pavements and sidewalks to streets and public alleys and Rivers and party tables of stone, asphalt, and so the cost of each local municipality.
26. Proposed establishment or abolition of the city and also change the type of side effects and complication rates ranging from imported goods and export and domestic products, etc. and send a copy of the decree for the Interior Ministry informed.
Note 1 - In order to encourage exporting countries to export more than one percent of goods price effects should not be imposed.
Note 2 - goods passing through cities that are carrying the specific target of any side payments to municipalities are exempt from road width.
Note 3 - Article 33 February First Act on encouraging exports and production date of enactment of this Act in accordance with Clause 1 of this paragraph will be corrected.
Clause 4 - Standards of escape from paying tax and the refusal of Justice with the consent of the country and set Vzartyn after Cabinet approval will be duly implemented.
27. Special regulations for naming streets and install Lvhh names and numbered premises and installation and removal of bulletin boards and sticking to eliminate advertising from unauthorized sites and any measures that keep the city clean and beautiful effect.
28. Prvanh issuing and acquiring business for shopkeepers and traders eyes! Klyh eyes! Mklfnd business for your business location from the local authority have received Prvanh business.
Note - the municipality can to shut down businesses without licenses Bvsylh itself and its agents to act.